Part 8: Perfect IT Helpdesk – It’s all about people

You may have read or heard that AI tools might replace lawyers in the future. You might have wondered whether automation and bots will replace Helpdesk people. Well.

I know I have written it in several earlier blog posts, that we should take advantage of modern technology and automation, i.e. onboarding automation, access management automation, ticket generation and processing automation, application installation automation, using bots, Helpdesk self-service feature etc.

However, we should never forget that people, dedicated and hard-working Helpdesk representatives, are the most important in all this! In spite of all automation, most attorneys still prefer to contact human beings who will quickly resolve their issue and often have a meaningful friendly conversation at the same time. Many also like to come back to the same Helpdesk person who successfully helped them last time. Such contacts and relationships build trust that is very important and valuable in any organization and no software, bot or automation will ever replace it.

As many Helpdesk people are coming back to work in offices either permanently or in a hybrid way, IT Managers and Supervisors should remember and include it in their regular duties to frequently check on their people, whether they are healthy, happy, whether the transition back has been going well etc. They are really important. I wrote it before and I am writing it again: the Helpdesk people, are the lifeblood of the firm.

Summing up – as much as AI software will not replace lawyers, modern Helpdesk tools, solutions and automation will never fully replace Helpdesk people.

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April 2, 2024

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