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Creating document bundles for court filings, family law, closing bibles, RE contract packs etc.

Why bundling?

Lawyers are great problem solvers. They are great thinkers. They do highly stressful work that is nuanced and is based in ‘the grey’ rather than the black and white world that most of us live in. Their reputation is gained and lost through the direct result of their successes and failures. All whilst dealing with ever increasing pressures from clients, the profession and even society as a whole. Thing is, if you ask any lawyer what their main headaches are, preparing bundles will be on the list, and we find that it’s the number one administrative problem affecting lawyers today. It’s easy to understand why, as bundles are expensive to produce. They typically contain sensitive information that you don’t want to lose, take a vast amount of time to prepare and are often produced at the last minute – making them very stressful. Bundles take hours to assemble; that’s time tied up in something that is very administrative and means you can’t work on any other case. Put simply, it’s inefficient, expensive, time consuming and stressful. Imagine spending half of your day photocopying, sorting documents into ring binders and handwriting page numbers. Knowing that your inbox is going unattended. That the phone won’t stop ringing. That your clients who you have worked tirelessly for aren’t getting the updates they so deservedly need because you must photocopy some documents which didn’t print properly the first time around. On top of that you’ve been hogging the photocopier so no one else can use it. Your colleagues are having to cover the phones whilst you prepare the bundle, and you’re probably working through your lunch and staying late for those last-minute additions that never take just five minutes as everyone promises. Simply put, it’s a time-consuming administrative task that everyone really hates doing. We know all of this because we’ve done it ourselves. We’ve spent hours in front of the photocopier, we’ve hand typed spine labels, we’ve got the scratches and scrapes from having to use ‘that’ ring binder that doesn’t close properly. That’s why over 12 years ago we wrote the first version of our software. To make it easy for all lawyers and legal professionals regardless of the type of work they did, or the size of the firm they worked for, to be able to produce bundles in minutes.

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