LegalTech | Thoughts – 4

Everybody is talking about LegalTech.

Some started saying that LegalTech will replace lawyers or undermine and minimize them in a law firm. On the contrary! LegalTech is technology and software that will make a lawyer work easier and better and help them become more efficient and productive with less time and resources spent on daily mundane activities. Law firms, legal departments and related businesses can benefit from modern LegalTech solutions and work better and smarter for their clients.

Your clients, armed with modern technology in their respective fields, are expecting you, their lawyers, to do likewise, therefore law firms which drag their feet with adopting LegalTech solutions might start looking inferior in their clients eyes.

So, look around, do your LegalTech due diligence (I suggested specific steps on how to go about it in my previous post) and start adopting LegalTech solution suitable for your organization.

There are increasingly more LegalTech solutions which creates competition and that is very good for customers, law firms in this case, as it brings down prices and makes those solution much better. Some matter management CRMs offer their basic suites (for solo lawyers) for free, which is a great news for beginners – e.g. attorneys who left BigLaw and are starting out their practice. They can adopt such simple web-based solution at no cost in the beginning and gradually, as they grow, can afford and opt for the paid version offering more functionality.

Regardless of your case and context, do not be afraid to venture out and find and implement appropriate LegalTech tools for your law firm!

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