LegalTech | Summary

During summer months I posted a series of short articles about LegalTech. I thought to include a brief summary of main points below. Also wanted to remind everyone that I am posting those also on my website under


  • It is the Age of LegalTech! Your peers with LegalTech solutions are more competitive! If you do not implement LegalTech solutions, you will stay behind and look inferior in your clients eyes!
  • LegalTech will make a lawyer work easier and better and help them become more efficient and productive with less time and resources spent on daily mundane activities.
  • Law firms, legal departments and related businesses can benefit from modern LegalTech solutions and work better and smarter for their clients.
  • LegalTech is not a fashion nor a trend! If you continue using old outdated faulty tools, saving client documents on your C: drive and having this false feeling that you are saving money, you might find yourself wrong! The reality is the opposite: if you do not use LegalTech tools, you are actually losing money and getting less and less competitive on the market.
  • No law firm should treat new LegalTech tools as a cost, but as a justified and necessary investment with a big ROI.
  • Adopting LegalTech is easier than you may think: analyze your needs, consider automation, ask your trusted IT Advisor, do an IT Audit, set objectives, do demos and pilots, start small and implement!

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