Litera is the world’s leading provider of legal workflow and workspace technology. Hundreds of organizations around the globe trust Litera to help their legal teams draft, collaborate, and manage their work, so they can focus more time on what really matters to the people they serve.
Iridium SmartTime will effortlessly streamline the timekeeping process in your law firm and will automate the process, bringing increased efficiency and savings.
iManage Work 10 – intelligent document and email management system
The InvestCEE LegalTech Marketplace offers a curated digital toolkit for lawyers and implementation assistance for digital legal service excellence.
Electronic document bundling software. Legal software integrations. Making lawyers' lives easier through the smarter use of technology.
Manage and grow your law firm with the leading legal software in Europe. Amberlo takes care of your busy day so you can focus on what matters most. Onboard new clients, manage matters, automatically log every minute worked, assign bills, and email your clients in one place — all while measuring your law firm’s performance.
Define is an award-winning legal technology company that optimises the contract drafting and reviewing process by allowing users to quickly access key information, namely all defined terms and references, in legal documents without ever having to leave the provision they are working on and therefore lose their context of review.
Nexl helps lawyers build client relationships, win more business and accelerate client revenue.
Avvoka is a document automation, negotiation and analytics tool designed to help law firms, in-house legal teams and businesses (of all sizes) draft documents, negotiate them, and leverage data insights from that process to draft better documents, and get to “yes” faster.