Part 7: Perfect IT Helpdesk – Trends

Perhaps you were a customer of a Helpdesk. Perhaps you were a Helpdesk person, assisting your customers every day. Perhaps you were a Helpdesk Manager/Supervisor. Perhaps you were a Partner responsible for IT. There are many popular Helpdesk trends and methodologies.

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There are many trends and methodologies that can be applied to IT Helpdesk operation. The most popular is ITIL, which is a general framework of best practices for delivering IT services, very interesting concepts some of which are worth adapting to Helpdesk operation. There are many more, including Six-Sigma, which is a set of tools and techniques for process improvement, and ESM (Enterprise Service Management), very popular lately, which is a process of applying IT service management to other areas of an organization with the purpose of improving performance, efficiency and service delivery. Whichever trend or methodology you choose to adapt to your Helpdesk, make sure it aligns well with your organization and has other departments buy-in. It is virtually impossible to apply all ITIL, Six-sigma or ESM suggestions at a small or medium-sized Helpdesk. So analyze your operation, get feedback from stakeholders and your team members, and apply the parts that fit and scale well with your department.

There is more. Consider digital workflows replacing manual processes. Automate mundane routine tasks. Use your Helpdesk applications metrics (e.g. ticket volume, most common issues, response time, FCR rate, customer satisfaction etc.), thoroughly analyze them, draw conclusions and apply appropriate changes.

And last, but not least, use your own style, experience and common sense in managing and improving your Helpdesk operation.

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April 2, 2024

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