LegalTech | Trust – Part 4

Trust is an essential part of every business relationship.
Also between a leader and their team members.
How to build trust between a Helpdesk Manager and their IT Specialists, Office Manager and their Assistants/Secretaries, Legal Partner and their Attorneys etc.?
–         Do not micromanage – trust your people to do their work
–         Do not constantly check on their work
–         Be supportive
–         Praise your workers often for all the good work they have done
–         Correct them only when it is absolutely necessary and always try to make it a learning experience
–         Be approachable and friendly, try to create an open atmosphere so they feel confident to come to you with anything
–         Work together with them as often as you can, share their burden, take risks and fix difficult problems together
–         Ask for their ideas and seriously consider to implement them – not just yours!
–         Always keep your word
–         Make sure your words and actions match
–         Try to never deny vacation/free days requests
–         Make sure they are rewarded well for their hard work
–         Take them out regularly for dinner not only to talk shop but to enjoy time together

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