Part 5: Perfect IT Helpdesk – Outsourcing

Perhaps you were a customer of a Helpdesk. Perhaps you were a Helpdesk person, assisting your customers every day. Perhaps you were a Helpdesk Manager/Supervisor. Perhaps you were a Partner responsible for IT. You may have often wondered whether it is a good idea to outsource your Helpdesk operation?

“To outsource, or not to outsource IT Helpdesk, that is the question”

There are pros and cons to both scenarios and it may be a true Shakespearean dilemma to many.


  • Possible cost savings to the organization. It is an invoice that comes at the end of each month.
  • Organization can focus on their clients and work, and devote less time to IT solutions
  • HR/IT departments do not have to go through time-consuming hiring process.
  • It can also be scaled easily, asking for additional Helpdesk agents.
  • Possible savings on related software.


  • Lost touch with users – not having that personal touch that greatly improves Helpdesk operation.
  • Less valuable feedback from users.
  • Loss of control over the department.
  • Reduced quality control.
  • Users might be less willing to contact remote and unknown Helpdesk agents.
  • Possible security issues and risks with remote personnel.
  • Many claim Helpdesk is the lifeblood of the firm, so if you dismantle your internal Helpdesk in favor of outsourcing, you might end up losing your lifeblood.

Of course, it may greatly depend on the size and type of your organization. If it is a small house with e.g. 10-20 users, Helpdesk outsourcing may be your best bet. However, if your firm keeps growing, you might consider hiring a Helpdesk person or a team.

If it is a law firm, it is certainly worth considering having an internal Helpdesk department, so attorneys can focus on their client work and know that they have close reliable and friendly Helpdesk people who will help them quickly and efficiently with anything they ask.

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April 2, 2024

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