LegalTech | Thoughts – 2

Everybody is talking about LegalTech.

What actually is LegalTech? LegalTech is an industry that helps provide legal services through technology and software for practice management, document automation, management and storage, due diligence process, electronic discovery, billing etc. It is specialistic software outside of your Outlook, Word and Excel that will help you do your legal work much quicker and better.

What companies produce LegalTech solutions? Below some examples.

  • Litera – document automation and comparison, metadata scrubbing, transaction management
  • iManage – document and email management, AI solutions
  • Iridium Technology – business intelligence, financial analytics and intelligent timekeeping
  • Kira – machine learning software for contract review automation
  • Luminance – AI for contract review, e-discovery and due diligence
  • Relativity – contract review, due diligence and regulatory work automation
  • Contract Mill – document automation
  • Ironclad – digital contract management
  • Cloud – practice management CRM
  • Zefort – contact management

Regardless of your case and context, do not be afraid to venture out and find and implement appropriate LegalTech tools for your law firm!


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