Authorized Henchman Partner

Henchman adds an intelligent layer on top of its clients’ existing contract database, making it ideal for their legal professionals to tap into their team’s collective expertise and to help modern-day organizations scale their legal excellence. By centralizing past clauses and definitions paired with contextual data, it eliminates time-consuming tasks and allows lawyers to focus on adding value and expertise that amazes clients. The solution has AI-powered capabilities, backed by a multi-LLM approach, that allows clients to translate clauses, automatically change verbiage (eg. single to plural, or vice versa), and instantly enrich existing clauses during the drafting process.

As the most effortless contract drafting experience with the highest adoption, we ensure quick time to value for our customers among any team, in any region. Henchman differentiates itself by:

– Delivering dynamic knowledge management, without requiring manual set up and maintenance.

– Being language-agnostic, making the solution equally performant in all languages.

– Having the most secure and user-friendly interface, being ISO 27001 certified, SOC 2 compliant, and designed for GDPR.

– Working with an all-star team of individuals, all with previous experience in Software-as-a-Service they can apply to deliver the best possible customer experience.

– A dedicated customer success organization partnering with you from day one. Frequent check-ins will make sure you’re on track with your business goals, and our continuous feedback loops will make sure we focus on what matters most.