Authorized Amberlo Partner

Manage and grow your law firm with the leading legal software in Europe. Amberlo takes care of your busy day so you can focus on what matters most. Onboard new clients, manage matters, automatically log every minute worked, assign bills, and email your clients in one place — all while measuring your law firm’s performance.

Create modern digital workplace: it’s easy to get your team up & running with Amberlo from anywhere. All the essentials your legal team needs to succeed in one secure place. You’ll finally have time to focus on high-impact tasks.

Collaborate and manage remote teams: smart file links, tagging, and notes means you can easily find, process and collaborate across high volumes of case materials no matter where you or your colleagues are physically located.
Simplify time and expenses recording: effortlessly track your time & expenses, plan activities for yourself & colleagues, and create invoices on the fly. Easily automate reminders to retain control of your cashflow.