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New Year is an excellent opportunity to plan and start doing new things, e.g. plan and start implementing your New Year resolutions, both in private life and professionally, consider implementing useful LegalTech solutions that would bring you a quick ROI etc.
Also, to do an external IT Audit in your organization. As a matter of fact, it should be a regular routine, e.g. yearly, where you have your Trusted IT Advisor check your whole IT environment – software, hardware, applications, procedures, IT support, security cost-saving and more. Usually, such IT Audit begins with the Customer filling out the Pre-audit Questionnaire which helps the Trusted IT Advisor understand your structure and suggest timeline and costs. Once this gets approved, your Trusted Advisor begins a thorough IT audit. Normally, at least one visit onsite is necessary and several conference calls to ask questions and confirm things. Then your Trusted Advisor continues to work on the output which is the IT Audit Report – a detailed analysis of your IT environment with proposed changes – critical, important and suggested. The Customer, having received the IT Audit Report, reads it carefully and usually calls for a meeting to discuss it. What is the benefit of such IT Audit? Your IT environment gets a big boost – as you implement suggested changes, it becomes more secure, efficient and cost-saving. Your old outdated applications are replaced by modern IT solutions that help you save precious time and make you much more competitive in the market. Working on such IT Audit often brings a longer relationship between the parties and may be a ‘beginning of a beautiful friendship’ and cooperation, although not necessarily in Casablanca.
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