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Lawyers no longer need to manually draft their documents. There are many LegalTech applications and platforms that can automate a lot!
Avvoka, for instance, is a complete end-to-end document automation tool, which unlike other document automation systems, allows the user to take a document from precedent, through first-draft, collaboration, negotiation, execution and analysis.
With Avvoka, users can take their contracting journey beyond the first draft, with the platform facilitating real-time collaboration with colleagues, workflow and approvals management and task allocation. Once the home team has prepared their draft, users can then invite counterparties to negotiate via the platform, at no extra cost. Negotiating online stops email-Word document ping pong to allow contracting teams to reach execution faster; while the editor collects all the data in the background on how the text is changing during the negotiations.
Once the document is signed (via native integrations with Adobe Sign or DocuSign) Avvoka allows users to surface structured data from entire document portfolios to analyse on platform or via connectors with other reporting tools.
Who is Avvoka for? Anyone who uses contracts or documents to get stuff done, e.g. legal and professional service providers of all sizes, legal or operations teams within businesses (in any industry), commercial, sales or partnerships teams that work with contracts, procurement teams at the front line of vendor onboarding.
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